Geofuels employs the world’s leading experts in describing & interpreting ancient lake deposits.

Our experience also includes:

  • Description, characterization, & interpretation of shale, both marine & nonmarine
    • Green River Formation and other U.S. shale basins
    • Coal and oil-shale basins of China
  • Sedimentary basin analysis & regional stratigraphic studies
  • Sequence stratigraphic correlation & interpretation
  • Detailed core description
  • Facies characterization & mapping
  • Field Seminar Development & Leadership
    • Field Trip safety documentation
    • Lacustrine Basin Exploration – AAPG Field Seminar
  • Geoscience  & Energy resources education
  • Tight gas operations, Cretaceous Wyoming
  • Deepwater Gulf of Mexico stratigraphy – Paleogene



The Earth, its natural history, and its future are central to all of our energy systems. Interactions between moving tectonic plates, ocean circulation, and climate directly control the distribution of potential solar and biomass resources. Surface landforms govern the availability of wind and water for energy production. Over longer time periods, solar energy trapped by plants has created geologic deposits of oil, natural gas, coal, and other organic fuels. Uranium and other nuclear fuels have also been concentrated by natural geologic processes. A geoscience focus thus provides a wholistic view of the complex mosaic of past, present, and future energy resources.