Geofuels employs the world’s leading experts in describing and interpreting ancient lake deposits.


Geofuels provides geologic description and interpretation services to energy companies, energy investors, public utilities, and governmental agencies.  Our principal expertise lies in the geosciences, giving us a unique perspective on a broad spectrum of natural resource issues and problems related to energy production.  We draw upon extensive past experience in both the industrial and academic sectors, and on a network of expert contacts in both arenas.

Geologic Consulting Services

We offer geologic consulting services ranging from reservoir analysis and prediction to regional assessment of geologic resources, addressing geologic problems ranging from fossil fuel exploration and extraction to carbon sequestration.  We are especially knowledgeable and experienced in mudrock geology, including tight gas, shale gas, oil shale.  Our greatest strength lies in geologic problem solving and the ability to integrate diverse datasets that address our client's specific needs. 

Geofuels staff has a combined ~25 years of experience describing, interpreting, and developing stratigraphic concepts for ancient lake systems - which are proving to be a very valuable hydrocarbon resource. We have studied lacustrine systems in a variety of structural settings, including foreland basin, basin and range, rift basins, as well as 'walled sedimentary basins' of China.

We can pull the whole picture together, and assist you in locating, appraising, and developing your resource.

Geologic Training

We are willing to educate your organization on energy-related topics. Customized training is available in:

    • Field Geology
    • Fundamentals of geology for non-scientists
    • Petroleum geology
    • Geology of oil shale

Course lengths can be tailored to your needs, ranging from a half-day to a week.